Coworking Space Best Practices

At Venture X Atlanta-Buckhead, we have everything you need and more when it comes to your coworking and shared office needs, including coworking space best practices. We offer a variety of memberships, from private offices for everyday use to shared desks for use as you need them, as well as conference and meeting rooms available on demand. We are located in the heart of the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, easily accessible and with many on-site and nearby amenities that will make work-life balance a breeze.

We’ve worked very hard to create interiors and thoughtful spaces inside our historic building that lend themselves to a professional atmosphere, which also happen to serve as shared space throughout the day for collaboration and networking. During our community and continuing education events, we’re proud to bring together our diverse group of clients to share ideas and learn from one another. 

No matter what membership you decide to choose – flexible terms mean you can make that decision on a monthly basis – there are certain behaviors that anyone working in a coworking space of any kind needs to think about before they join. When you’re ready to start your workday…or afternoon…or even night…at Venture X Atlanta-Buckhead, we thought we’d give you a view into just a few coworking best practices that make it a bit easier for everyone involved. 

Pick up after yourself. This one really is just common courtesy and even more so in common and shared spaces. While we do have daily cleaning service, it’s for everyone’s benefit to keep your desk/chair and dish area tidy and utilize recycling to keep the space clean. And remember, even if you have a private office, when the door is open, that space will reflect on the other businesses in the location.

Be considerate in private conversation. Whether it’s a sensitive topic with a superior or direct report in your business, or you’re discussing something under NDA or even collaborating with new peers down the hall, remember that while everyone is focused on their own work. Keeping your volume professional is important, but also remember that what you say does become a matter of public domain. If you know you’re going to need a dedicated space for these kinds of conversations, make sure you plan ahead.

Enjoy – and share – the amenities. Our common areas and cafe space are for the use of all of our members. Just as you enjoy the perks of knowing there will always be a clean coffee cup – and coffee! – try to remember to alert the front-desk staff if something needs to be refilled or restocked. 

(On that note:) Keep track of your things. If you bring a special tea mug, drinking glass, or your lucky pen to the office, keep track of it! With a private office or private desk option, you will have access to a locking file cabinet. If you’re sharing a desk or using common space, you can expect your items to be safe, but you will need to remember to pack them up when you’re done for the day.

We’re proud to have a diverse, talented, professional – and courteous – community gathered in our Venture X Atlanta-Buckhead location. Shared offices along with following best practices in your coworking space can bring out the best in people and their businesses, and strange bedfellows may just end up leading to some of your best disruption and innovation. 

If you’re interested in learning more about coworking opportunities, please reach out to us today!