The Benefits of Anywhere Coworking and Community Membership

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a home base that isn’t your actual home? A startup looking for a verifiable, professional Class A business address and a community membership for intermittent networking? A company with remote workers who are concentrated in several cities or all over? If any of these sound like you, or you’re a hybrid or home worker who needs a place to conduct professional business meetings in an office location or just a place to work that isn’t in the same four walls you live in, we have a solution for you – and a lot more. 

We all know that the nature of how business is done has changed over the past decade, and certainly in the past two years. As more companies and organizations have implemented hybrid and flexible policies, people have become untethered from their traditional office desks and the drudgery of their commutes. At the same time, all types of professionals do still need a physical office and presence to conduct business, which is driving the adoption of coworking spaces, and that’s where Venture X comes in – and excels – with our uniquely attractive, modern coworking spaces.

Venture X Atlanta – Buckhead offers a variety of member levels for everything from a coworking community membership to a shared desk to a private office, along with meeting and conference room rentals, event space, and podcast rooms. Our modern, luxurious space with high-end furnishings and decor is located in the iconic Atlanta Financial Center building and provides high-end amenities for members both in the space and conveniently nearby. 

Anywhere Coworking Is a Reality With Venture X

Our ideal and central location offers a wealth of convenient benefits, like a front desk with regular office-hour personnel and live telephone/mail services, a cafe and lounge with courtesy beverages, and common areas for relaxing or taking a break to collaborate. We also have state-of-the-art A/V and meeting technology, high-speed internet, and access to copiers, printers, and scanners at any time. The list really does go on!

One of the most important benefits we pride ourselves on is the freedom and flexibility that come with our memberships. When you become a member at our Venture X Atlanta–Buckhead location, you gain the instant ability to work from any other Venture X, whether in the U.S. or around the world, with just a day’s worth of advance notice, in most cases. You have 24/7 access to your membership office, which means you can work on your own terms at any time of day or night. This is especially valuable for startups and freelancers who need flexibility to work non-traditional hours, hybrid or remote workers who need off-hours access to meeting rooms, and especially folks for whom travel is part of their career. 

Our Community Memberships are Truly Global

At Venture X Atlanta-Buckhead, we are proud to provide a modern, upscale version of coworking that reflects the needs of the ever-changing workforce in a truly professional atmosphere. We are proud of the unique and growing community we have developed in our location and around the world in our sister locations, creating community memberships that generate a networking opportunity that people simply can’t get from traditional or lower-tier coworking options. Our vibrant, diverse members are able to collaborate, network, and share ideas at our monthly events for members, including simple happy hours, continuing education courses, and even yoga and wellness courses.

We are proud to be part of the Venture X family of global shared office spaces that are high quality, flexible, and affordable – and that truly represent the best of the future of work.

If you’re interested in learning more about community memberships and coworking opportunities, please reach out to us today!